Caucasus Auto Service has launched a center for restoration of automobiles. 23.06.2014

Regional Center for Automobile Restoration unifies under one-stop-shop principle, all types of services, which were represented in a fragmented and geographically scattered form.


Clients of the center do not need to attend the process of restoration, be involved in collection of spare parts or worry about their quality. All of these are coordinated by an individual manager assigned to client’s vehicle who provides client with the full information about the process of automobile restoration.


Strict quality control is implemented in the center. Restoration of the automobiles takes place in shortest timeframe. Center employs highly qualified professionals who are pulled from all over the country and regularly undergo retraining with specialists from Germany and Greece.

Center applies only newest products of leading brands, modern equipment and newest technologies. Production process is fully computerized and optimized. At client’s choice personal manager delivers automobile to client’s home, office or any other convenient location. 

Center offers any type of highest quality service related to restoration of vehicle under best competitive prices.

Caucasus Auto Service is a member of Caucasus Business Group, a holding company founded by the Georgian and US partners. In 2014 Caucasus Auto Service launched a Regional Center for Restoration of Automobiles of an unprecedented size in the region, fully equipped with newest technology.


Regional Center for Restoration of Automobiles is a large scale enterprise of an unprecedented size in the region, equipped with newest technologies and providing services under one-stop-shop principle unifying all types of services.

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